The coating of an industrial facility is a very serious matter. In economic terms, it can mean the difference between profit and loss in a company. In safety terms, the difference between and incident and an accident.

With our “Technology and industrial coating projects” course you will get a global vision of the process, the most suitable materials and technologies for each case, as well as the current regulations.

The replacement and improvement of the coating of an industrial facility cannot be an isolated fact, but a complex project that must be coordinated to the millimetre with the production processes.


The goal of the project should not only be to improve the coating, although it is very important from different perspectives of business activity. It must include a concrete an agreed calendar of activities with the rest of the company. It must be evaluated whether a shutdown is needed or not. And if it is, it must be provided with all the means to make it as short as possible.

The inspection and control stage are also significant. Not only at the end of the project, but also in the day-to-day running of the project. A poorly executed and controlled plan is usually more likely to increase its costs than one which is perfectly planned and controlled.

It is not just about the best material for the company’s needs. Our course will show you how to improve the coating of the facilities in the least intrusive way for the company’s activity and with the most adjusted cost. And, of course, in accordance with current specification and regulations.