Corrosion or inadequate maintenance? Degradation or lack of attention? Our course “Management and conservation of industrial assets” will get you to the root of the problem and its solutions.

Corrosion of production assets can become a burden for any industrial company. It leads to serious safety problems at work and it can even endanger the very survival of the company.

A significant failure that forces a shutdown often represents a death certificate due to the economic cost of the repair, the loss of profit during the shutdown (which is usually long) and the opportunity given to the competition to attract clients.


No two cases are alike. An offshore oil platform is not the same as a small metal workshop. Therefore, each problem requires a specific solution, adapted to its specificities and to the economic dimension of the company. But in all cases, the problem is avoidable with the proper maintenance of the facilities, a programme of revisions adapted to each necessity, or the use of specific materials for every activity, pressure, or product. Our course will help you making the decisions that your company needs and setting up the most convenient maintenance plans. Because maintaining your facilities properly will save you a lot of money and problems.