A great project, a great investment, an impeccable execution, and after a few years, everything is in danger due to coating defects. With the course “Technology and industrial coating projects for engineering course” you can assess the problem and find the solutions to solve it.

We make sure that all the valves work at the expected pressure, that the spigots work correctly, and the welds avoid any leak. But very often we forget the most critical part, the one that is going to be exposed to the sun, the air, the humidity and temperature changes.


The coating of a facility works 24 hours a day and must always fulfil its function 100%. It is the only way to ensure that the other components of the facility will continue to fulfil theirs.

An adequate coating selection and a constant and pre-scheduled maintenance can prevent many problems. It is not about giving just a layer of paint; it is about giving the layer of paint that the facility needs and to carry out all the necessary preliminary work before proceeding with the coating.

Our course will open the doors to the latest technologies and the most advance materials.

Do not leave your industrial assets alone in the daily fight against nature. Nothing wastes more than the action of the sun and water. And nothing will help you more in your business than an adequate and well-maintained coating.