How much does corrosion of installations or equipment cost? The wind, water, sun or weather work without a break. What about you? With Optimiza’s help you will discover techniques, materials and procedures to ensure optimum maintenance.

Being late in the fight against corrosion means to compromise the safety of the facilities, the quality of the products and the continuity of the production itself. How many companies have to stop or reduce their production to carry out urgent repairs due to corrosion? And what do their clients do in the meantime? Go to the competition!

Do not shoot yourself in the foot and set a corrosion strategy right away. It will be the best money your company can invest. Ensuring safety, quality and production is priceless and, besides, the prevention is much cheaper than urgent repair.

At Optimiza we can make things easier with training, specific consultancy, long-term strategies, and constant monitoring, but in the end, the decision is yours.

Corrosion is a silent and heartless enemy. With our course you will be able to properly assess the threat you are facing and discover all the range of possibilities that exist to deal with it.