Coating must be a synonym for quality when it comes to industrial facilities. And it must be so for safety reasons, economic reasons, environmental reasons and even health reasons.

With our “Course in quality control test in coating projects” you will have the opportunity to get a completely updated and 100% practical training.

As regulations change and materials evolve, professionals involve in industrial coatings need to be up to date. And if we are talking about quality control, even more.

With our course you will get familiar with all the necessary parameters to certify the quality of a coating project, but it will also help you to be able to plan the right project for every facility.


We must consider that weather conditions are a crucial factor in choosing the type of coating. Every climate requires a specific type of coating and quality demands against the most common weather agent.

That is why a coating of an industrial facility in Galicia is not the same as one in Murcia. Materials and quality should be focused on meeting the real needs of every industrial installation.

Due to issues such this and others, our course provides a total vision of the problems and their solutions. And it does so from a practical approach.

It is addressed to all professionals in the coating sector, and it is a great step before participating in courses for certified inspectors or even being an authentic retraining for inspectors who are already certified.