Spain has a unique natural deterioration facility in a C5 environment according to the latest version of ISO 12944.

Optimiza has opened a natural deterioration laboratory in one of the most aggressive environments, C5 category, as described in the ISO 12944-2-2018 standard. The plant is in the Valley of Escombreras in Cartagena, Murcia, at the heart of the port, just a few metres from the sea and the refinery. This combination of marine and industrial environment along with cyclical changes of humidity and wind strength in the area, make this facility an ideal and unique resource for all those companies that want to analyse the behaviour and degradation of materials.

In addition to this strategic facility, Optimiza has a modern accelerated deterioration laboratory with equipment such as cyclic corrosion chamber, salt spray, condensation, ultra violet QUV, xenon chamber and immersion baths. This laboratory offers tests of materials according to international regulation, specific behaviour and deterioration tests and even correlation studies between accelerated laboratory deterioration and natural deterioration.