The passage of time is the greatest enemy of metal structures, and steel structures are no exception. That is why it is necessary to deal with their coating since the very beginning. It is the guarantee that the structure will continue to fulfil its function. And also, the inspection and maintenance activities must be carried out since the beginning.

Our “Protection of steel structures by painting systems” course will help you to properly evaluate the processes that are key to the protection of steel structures.

We must act way before the first problems are detected. As a matter of fact, we must act to avoid them from appearing. A proper understanding of how a steel structure should be coated to ensure its longevity will save money and problems to the company.

In order to choose the proper coating system is imperative to understand that it is not the same to coat a structure in Bilbao that in Murcia. And exactly the same if we are talking about and industrial facility or a simple warehouse.


Each facility, plant or geographical area has its own characteristics. We must know and valuate them to decide which painting system to use as a coating.

With our “Protection of steel structures by painting systems” course, you will know which protective schemes are adopted in every industry and geographic area and you will obtain an in-depth knowledge of how materials and coatings degrade over time.

This knowledge is the basis on which a global strategy for steel structure maintenance must be established.