This type of corrosion is one of the most common types in systems and equipment containing water, especially in cooling systems. At the same time, it is one of the less known and more complex types of corrosion. 

Three main corrosion processes can be distinguished:

  • Cathodic depolarization.
  • Attack by products derived from the metabolization of bacteria.
  • Formation of electrochemical cells.

Identifying a corrosion process by microbiological influence is not easy since this phenomenon happens simultaneously with other forms of attack. However, any form of corrosion by microbiological influence could be identified by:

  • The morphology of the attack.
  • The composition, the distribution of the corrosion products present and deposits.
  • Microbiological analyses.
  • Knowledge of the environment in service.

Optimiza’s Corrosion and coating laboratories have sealed a strategic alliance with a laboratory in the Netherlands with international recognition in order to advise its clients on corrosion prevention or failure assessment by MIC.