Normally, coating is a job for a third party. But the supervision of this job is really important. Detecting coating defects and failures at the earliest possible stage will save us problems and a lot of money.

With our “Coating defects and failures” course you will get familiar with the most and also the less common coating defects. And, above all, you will know how to detect them as early as possible.

There are coating defects that are clearly caused by the passage of time. Sun, heat, water, cold, rain. Weather conditions, whichever they are, test any coating. A condition assessment will allow you to detect defects but only if you know what you are looking for.


On the other hand, there are some defects that can be attributed to bad placement or inadequate use of material and techniques. Detecting them before the delivery of the work or repair is fundamental for any industrial facility. And it is not just for economic reasons, but for the safety of the facilities and workers.

Our “Coating defects and failures” course will provide you a clear vision of the deterioration causes, the specifications of materials to be used in each case, the specific regulations of each sector or Autonomous Community and the techniques to be used for the application of the coating and the inspection of this task.