Great news! Optimiza has been honoured with the prestigious «Innovative SME» stamp, an acknowledgment granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation in Spain to small and medium-sized enterprises distinguished for their innovative profile. This achievement reflects Optimiza’s commitment to research and development, particularly in the enhancement of materials, contributing to sustainable management in the industry.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we’ve invested significant human and financial resources in R&D projects, showcasing our proactive approach to innovation. This distinction not only fills us with pride but also motivates us to continue investing in R&D, levelling up our knowledge in materials technology and enabling us to provide the best guidance to our valued clients.

As a proof to our commitment to cutting-edge solutions, we have recently successfully completed a certified R&D project by the Ministry of Science and Innovation focused on developing a new sprayable filler for yachts, with potential applications in various industries. The results obtained reveal substantial improvements in material structure and properties, validating the positive impact of our efforts in becoming market leaders in Material’s knowledge.

Currently, we are immersed in the study of the structure and evaluation of properties of various materials used in the industrial sector. Our goal is to find alternatives that enhance operability and sustainability, showcasing once again our strong commitment to continuous innovation.

We appreciate this recognition and reaffirm our commitment to excellence, research, and sustainable development. At Optimiza, we are ready to continue turning ideas into innovative solutions!