Sea salt is one of the biggest enemies of yacht coatings. This corrosive agent accelerates the oxidation of materials, causing visible damage and compromising the integrity and protection offered by coatings. Constant exposure to salt can rapidly deteriorate surfaces, reducing the life of the yacht and increasing maintenance costs.

Sea salt not only affects surface coatings, but can also penetrate underlying materials, causing deeper corrosion. This corrosion can weaken metal structures and affect the functionality of the yacht’s mechanical components. In addition, the combination of salt and moisture creates an ideal environment for the growth of fungi and algae, which can further damage surfaces.



To combat these effects, prevention and control are essential. Here are some key strategies:

Choosing the Right Paint Scheme
Selecting the right paint scheme is crucial to protecting yachts against sea salt. High quality marine paints are designed to resist corrosion and wear caused by salt and other marine elements.

Accelerated Ageing Chamber Testing
Accelerated weathering chamber testing can help anticipate and mitigate damage. These tests simulate extreme marine conditions to assess the durability of coatings and materials, allowing adjustments to be made prior to application on the yacht.

Consulting with Experts and Specialist Laboratories
Consulting with Optimiza can provide effective solutions to increase the strength of materials without complicating the project. As professionals we can provide customised recommendations and innovative products that enhance sea salt protection.

Continuous Maintenance
Keeping coatings in good condition is not easy, but with the right approach and resources, we can prolong the life of yachts and keep them in top condition, despite the challenging marine environment.

Sea salt presents a significant challenge to yacht maintenance, but with the right strategies, it is possible to mitigate its effects and prolong the life of coatings and materials. For more information and customised solutions, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!