In a world where excellence is the norm and quality is the currency, Optimiza emerges as a company that stands out in the competitive yachting sector, thanks to its focus on quality and precision.

At Optimiza, we take pride in our team: disciplined, committed, and backed by unparalleled experience and solid academic backgrounds. Our human capital boasts high-level training that exceeds industry standards. Unlike our competitors, we not only have professionals experienced in on-site projects but also bring together a diverse group of higher education graduates, technologists, certified surveyors, and doctors in sciences. This unique combination of skills allows us to offer our clients a unique perspective and a range of services that go beyond conventional expectations.

Our team doesn’t just work on on-site projects; they are also deeply involved in technical offices and our laboratory. The latter is a fundamental component that sets us apart in each project. Our laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge technology, gives us the ability to identify and solve problems quickly and accurately. This capability gives us the confidence to tackle any challenge that arises in the project, providing efficient and effective solutions that ensure customer satisfaction.


Moreover, at Optimiza, we adhere to strict national and international standards and regulations. We work in a standardized manner, following rigorous procedures endorsed by our ISO 9000 certification in consultancy, inspection, and laboratory work. In addition to this certification, we have other accreditations and references of recognized prestige that support the quality and reliability of our services.

However, our greatest endorsement is the satisfaction of our clients. At Optimiza, we strive to exceed the expectations of those who trust us, providing exceptional results and personalized service that guarantees their full satisfaction.

At Optimiza, you’ll find not only a service provider but a partner committed to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Join us on our journey to success, where each project is an opportunity to demonstrate our difference and leave a lasting mark in the yachting sector.