Innovative Approach to Enhance Coating Adherence and Extend Maintenance Intervals.

Optimiza, a leading laboratory specializing in materials testing and coating solutions, faced a significant challenge in the yacht industry related to repainting failures caused by hydrophobic substances hindering paint adhesion. To address this issue and prevent defects like craters in yacht coatings, Optimiza dedicated years to developing rapid identification methods for ceramic coatings, culminating in the successful development of the Ceramic Removal Test (CRT).

The CRT, a groundbreaking innovation in the yacht industry, was designed to address challenges with thin ceramic coatings, preserve topcoat finishes, and prolong repainting intervals. By implementing the CRT, Optimiza aimed to ensure the integrity and aesthetics of yacht coatings while reducing non-quality costs associated with repainting failures and compliance with project planning.

By utilizing the CRT, yacht owners and industry professionals can benefit from:

Defect Prevention: The CRT helps identify and address issues with ceramic coatings that could lead to defects like craters, ensuring the quality and durability of yacht coatings.

Cost Reduction: By avoiding repainting failures and prolonging repainting intervals, the CRT helps reduce non-quality costs associated with frequent maintenance and rework.

Compliance with Planning: The precise identification and treatment of ceramic coatings through the CRT enable yacht projects to stay on schedule and meet planning requirements without delays caused by coating issues.

«My experience with Optimiza has been extraordinary, particularly due to their commitment to innovation and excellence in material testing and coating solutions. The development of the CRT is a clear example of how they turn innovative ideas into reality, ensuring the success of each yacht project. Implementing advanced testing methods like the CRT has significantly raised standards of integrity, aesthetics, and performance in the yacht coating industry. Optimiza not only sets new benchmarks in quality and innovation but also redefines what is possible in our sector.«