Background: The owner of a luxurious wooden yacht noticed signs of deterioration, such as swelling in certain areas, mold stains on the deck, and a damp feeling inside.

Diagnosis: After a detailed inspection and laboratory analysis, it was confirmed that the problems were mainly due to excessive moisture in the yacht’s wood. High levels of humidity were identified, which had led to wood degradation and the growth of fungi and mold. Additionally, evidence of changes in the internal wood structure due to water absorption was found.

Additional Problem Identified: In addition to moisture, the presence of wood-decaying fungi in certain areas of the vessel was detected, posing an additional risk to the integrity of the wood.


Implemented Solutions:

Anti-moisture and antifungal treatment: Special sealants and varnishes were applied to protect the wood from moisture and had antifungal properties to combat the presence of wood-decaying fungi.

Treatment of affected wood: Specific treatment was carried out in the areas most affected by wood-decaying fungi to halt their progression and restore the structural integrity of the wood.

Results and Conclusions based on Laboratory Analysis:

Following the implementation of these solutions, a significant improvement in the appearance and condition of the vessel was observed. Laboratory analyses showed a reduction in moisture levels in the wood, the disappearance of wood-decaying fungi, and partial restoration of the internal structure of the affected wood. These results support the effectiveness of the measures taken and underscore the importance of addressing both moisture and the presence of wood-destructive organisms.


This case highlights the importance of early intervention, proactive maintenance, and laboratory analysis to address moisture and deterioration issues in wooden yachts. If you are facing similar challenges or seeking effective ways to protect your vessel, feel free to contact us for specialized advice and tailored solutions.