In-company courses adapted to your needs

Potentially interested: End users, coating inspectors, companies of preparation and treatment of surfaces, coatings applicators, Engineering, maintenance companies.

Why is it needed? Behind the corrosion protection and coating technology industry, there is an extensive technical knowledge. Understanding objectively the fundamentals of corrosion, types of coatings and their functions, surface preparation or quality control issues is necessary to make adequate decisions.

Benefits: Optimiza's training will enable you to know, in the desired depth, those areas of the corrosion protection and coating technology that can suppose a technological leap for the business activity of your company. By means of a crumbled theoretical base and practical cases, the student will be able to renew their knowledge or have a first gradual contact with the knowledge that answers questions such as ... What abrasive would allow me to optimize my resources? What do I have to take into account when making a technical specification? Which coating best suits my expectations of durability? And more.

Workshops with quality control equipment

Potentially interested: Coatings inspectors, Cleaning and surface treatment companies, Coatings applicators, Engineering, Maintenance and installation companies.

Why is it needed? Coating inspection sector is constantly changing. In addition to the appearance of new techniques and procedures, manufacturers update their models of inspection equipment, either expanding the effectiveness of their capabilities or adding new features that improve the development of the works.

Benefits: Optimiza's workshops with quality control equipment will allow you to renew your knowledge in inspection equipment or have a first contact with them through practical stations with real equipment provided by our division All of this is based on a theoretical basis that Optimiza will prepare in respect of the specific needs of your company.