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Optimiza Corporate Info

Optimiza specializes in the area of corrosion protetion and coating technology. Conceived with the mission of minimizing the corrosion impact, Optimiza distinguishes itself by offering technical advice in asset protection both civil and industrial with the aim of:

  • Extend the durability of their protective systems
  • Reduce costs in maintaining assets throughout their life cycle
  • Prevent premature failures of corrosion or coating

In other words, produce significant savings of time and money in the projects of our clients.

With extensive experience in all types of projects, Optimiza is commited to sector specialization. Present at international level in highly demanding sectors such as Naval, Oil & Gas, Wind, Transportation, Infrastructure or Yacht, our technical guide adapted to the specific needs of each project represents a qualitative leap for the client.

Optimiza is formed by a team of independent experts highly qualified in corrosion engineering and certified bythe most prestigious organizations in this field ofknowledge such as NACE, FROSIO, SSPC, ICORR or RMCI. Due to the unique infrastructure of Optimiza, our technicians can handle projects anywhere in the world,either on site or from our facilities located at key points such as the Spanish Mediterranean Coast, the French Blue Coast or the Netherlands.

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Optimiza has established strategic alliances that allow us to offer a superior level of service:

  • We are official TruQC suppliers in Europe, Africa and Latin America.TruQC is a quality control software integrated in real time constituting a turning point in project management.
  • In collaboration with the UPCT, we have created a Chair that will develop a curriculum and a research framework on corrosion engineering and coating technology. Additionally, it allows us to increase our laboratory resources to attend more R&D projects and cover a wider spectrum of needs.
  • We share our knowledge with other companies that in certain sectors, represent a unique value for our customers. This is the case of the Yacht & Mega Yacht sector, where Optimiza and Newmar Overseas collaborate under the name of Optimar.


Mapa de las delegaciones de Optimiza

The result of all this investment is to deliver to our clients the maximum technical excellence in our consulting services of design of systems and processes in surface preparation and coating application.Technical assistance both on site and online. lnspections and surveys for compliance with standards and technical specifications as well as from the point of view of benefit-cost. Laboratory analysis for material composition,investigation of premature failures and coating performance tests. Also in-company instruction programs and training courses adapted to specific needs within our area of expertise.

Corrosion generates massive global costs, not only for companies but also for society and environment, in form of meaningful waste of resources and materials.Optimiza is your ideal partner when it comes to protecting the value of your assets with solutions aimed at conserving energy and reducing unnecessary wastes.

Our commitment to become a benchmark for the industry in corrosion control and coating technology has driven us to diversify our activity with the development of new business units that expand the service coverage we are able to deliver to our clients.

Optimiza Yacht
Division specialized in the Yacht & Mega Yacht sector. Aware ofthe specific needs ofthis kind of assets, Optimiza offers a different approach.
Optimiza Academy
Division specialized in the training and professionalization of corrosion and coatings industry, both at the company a nd academic level with our chair at the UPG.
Optimita Store
Division specialized in the supply of all technology and all brands of equipment for quality control in surface preparation and coating application.


Discover how much time and money your company can start saving due to the objective independent guidance of our technical consultants.
Ensure compliance with regulations with our experienced and certified NACE, FROSIO, SSPC, ICORR, RMCI surveyors-advisors.
Order all kind of analyzes and studies to our laboratories located in Spain to cover a wide spectrum of needs for your proyects.
Invest in your organization by enriching your knowledge base in corrosion and coating technology through courses and workshops.