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Implementation of our project quality control software

Potentially interested: Quality Control and/or Maintenance Managers, Owners, Project managers

Project: Optimiza participated as technical advisors in the area of corrosion protection in the final phase of the manufacturing of a platform support vessel that an oil company was constructing in the factory of Navantia Ferrol. The project involved the final delivery of tank cover systems, superstructure, hull and the technical and accommodation areas.

Optimiza’s contribution: Our technician assigned to this project had the latest technology in inspection equipment facilitated by our equipment supply division (visit www.optimizastore.com for more information) as well as the online support of the consulting and laboratory departments from our facilities. However, one of the key tools for the good progress of the project was TruQC, a quality control software integrated in real time that allowed the results of on-site inspection to be evaluated by the client as it was developed. In this respect, we offered a unique level of transparency with our clients. The use of this tool, along with the inspection teams that interact automatically, allowed our technician to control the whole project with ease as well he was able to save a significant amount of work hours in the preparation of reports that could be dedicated to other project issues. Optimiza is also the official TruQC provider in Europe, Africa and Latin America (visit www.truqc.es for more information).