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Elaboration of Standards in Preparation of Surfaces and Application of Coatings

Potentially interested: Coating applicators, End users, Owners, Project Managers

Project: The Yacht & Mega Yacht sector, as well as other industrial action areas, need to work on models that help evaluate the performance of protective coating systems that allows to estimate the life cycle of the yacht, in order to take the optimal decision regarding durability expectations of the asset’s owner. Our client understood that the future was to have a greater control of the parameters of the coating systems from the new construction and throughout the life cycle of the yacht as well as to provide to the captains with tools that would allow to control the efficiency of the investment of their painting projects over time.

Optimiza’s contribution: Optimiza carried out the development of paint standards at different levels of quality in different key points of a yacht, which are especially susceptible to corrosion impact, that is, the anti-fouling system, ballast tanks and top coat. This technical documentation includes guidelines prior to the beginning of the surface preparation and application of coatings as well as clear guidelines and procedures in key aspects such as the recommended paint scheme, inspection of ambient conditions, evaluation of soluble salts, etc. This technical documentation is especially relevant at an international level since it is the first time that an integral standardization of paints has been carried out for all parts of a yacht: finish, hull, ballast tanks and interiors. Additionally, it is a reference in the sector and a competitive advantage for our client, being the standards developed by Optimiza those that have the highest grade of definition, objectivity and traceability of the entire sector.