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Comprehensive technical advice on corrosion protection during project

Potentially interested: End users, Owners, Project Managers

Project: The WIKINGER project consisted of a platform for a wind farm marine substation. The steel structure had dimensions of 60 meters long by 22 meters wide and was formed by two platforms of more than 4,800 tons of weight. These infrastructures were placed on a support anchored to the seabed by six piles, which were more than 50 meters high and weighed about 2,400 tons. The WIKINGER platform is the first of these characteristics in which IBERDROLA became involved. Installed in the Baltic Sea, about 34 kilometers from the coast, it has 70 wind turbines with a unit capacity of 5 MW each, distributed in an area of about 34 km2. The substation will be built in the facilities of Navantia - Puerto Real.

Optimiza’s contribution: Optimiza advised technically in terms of corrosion protection of the OSS WIKINGER, including review and preparation of technical documents, review of work specifications, preparation of control documentation, inspection test plan,  verification of compliance with the specification under the strict criteria required for the corrosion protection of an installation of this kind in the ambient conditions which it is exposed, on-line advice during the construction phase and verification of compliance with the specification before its commissioning.