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Discover how much time and money your company can start saving due to the objective independent guidance of our technical consultants.
Ensure compliance with regulations with our experienced and certified NACE, FROSIO, SSPC, ICORR, RMCI surveyors-advisors.
Order all kind of analyzes and studies to our laboratories located in Spain to cover a wide spectrum of needs for your proyects.
Invest in your organization by enriching your knowledge base in corrosion and coating technology through courses and workshops.




From commercial boats and cargo containers to military ships. We are a world leader in marine consulting and surveying.
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Oil & Gas

Upstream, midstream or downstream services.

Wind Power

Ofrecemos servicios especializados para parques éolicos tanto offshore como on-shore


Protect your transportation assets in aerospace, automotive or railway sectors against the impact of corrosion.


Infrastructures such as bridges, buildings or leisure facilities can be optimally protected against the impact of corrosion.


OPTIMIZA specializes in the area of Corrosion Protection and Coating Technology, offering its services at an international level in Consultancy, Surveys, Laboratory Analysis and Training with the aim of:

  • icono cruz Protect your assets and extend the durability of its protective systems.
  • icono cruz Minimize maintenance costs throughout the life cycle of the assets.
  • icono cruz Prevent premature failures of corrosion or coatings.

OPTIMIZA está formada por expertos independientes altamente cualificados, certificados NACE, FROSIO, SSPC, ICORR, RMCI y con amplia experiencia en sectores de gran exigencia tales como Naval, Oil & Gas, Eólico, Transporte, Infraestructuras o Yate.

What makes us unique is the commitment to research in corrosion protection techniques to provide technical excellence to our clients

Alejandro Exposito, CEO / CTO

Corrosion is a natural process you cannot stop, however, but with our technical guidance you can control it efficiently and reducing costs to the minimum

Alejandro Exposito, CEO / CTO

Studies stimate that by carrying out good practices in control programs, the cost derived from the impact of corrosion can be reduced between 15 and 30%

Alejandro Exposito, CEO / CTO


Optimiza creates the chair on Corrosion Engineering and Coating Technology

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Contaminants on the surface and their impact on coating projects

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Comprehensive technical advice on corrosion protection during project

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